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   Newcastle Ragdolls
       Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney, NSW, Australia
        Phone: 02 4988 6672  Email: [email protected] 

 Registered Breeder

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CONTACT Donna Maree ~ PHONE 02 4988 6672 ~ EMAIL [email protected]



I am a Ragdoll Registered Breeder of the Amazing Ragdoll Cat with ANCATS since 2009. 

I have Pedigree Ragdoll Cats and Kittens for Sale and they have gone to family's not just in NSW but around Australia.

What these precious Ragdolls mean to me and my family.....

I am Donna Maree from Newcastle Ragdolls and would like to share with you my passion for Ragdolls and how they have become an integral part of my family's life. Raising my own children has been a blessing in my life and now that they are young adults I have time to spoil myself and indulge in the breeding of these beautiful felines. My whole family enjoys our Ragdolls and we consider every one of our pets to be part of the family.




Growing up, as far as I can remember, cats/kittens and other animals were always in my life. My two sisters and I especially loved the kittens. They were a constant form of companionship and entertainment and we always had a kitten or a cat curled up on the end or our beds at night. This is where my love of cats began and how my desire to breed quality Ragdoll kittens evolved into the creation of Newcastle Ragdolls.

My passion for the Ragdoll breed started 12 years ago when we acquired Nicky, our first Ragdoll for my daughter when she was 11. Nicky immediately became a treasured member of our family and soon there was not enough of her to share. It was not long before we added another to our family then another. This is how our future unfolded. Funnily, my husband was brought up in a `dog family` but it did not take him long before he came to love our beautiful Ragdolls. Now of a night I find him watching TV with a purring cat curled up on his lap.

I have made a lot of new friends in the "cat world" who share the same love for this beautiful breed and I feel very blessed to have these lovely `Raggys`in my life. I hope I have shed some light on what and who Newcastle Ragdolls is all about and you too will be enchanted by these exquisite animals.


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