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   Newcastle Ragdolls
       Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney, NSW, Australia
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CONTACT Donna Maree ~ PHONE 02 4988 6672 ~ EMAIL [email protected]

Adopting your new kitten


Newborn kittens.


All Ragdoll kittens are born white and will start to develop their colouring after about a week with the lighter colours taking a bit more time just to be sure. The kittens eyes start to open at approximately two weeks of age.

Two week old kittens below starting to colour up.

With my adoption process I like potential new family’s to be fully informed and be confident with their decision if choosing to move ahead.

I do not work outside of the home which enables me to devote myself 100% to the breeding and raising of these feline friends. Any breeding program brings challenges from time to time and I feel that being there 24 hours a day is important for my furry friends. If a cat or kitten requires special care then I am able to tend to its time-consuming needs if required and in addition I am able to frequently handle kittens which is so important for their socialization to achieve that wonderful temperament that the Ragdoll is renound for, also being accustomed to all the everyday sights and sounds that occur in and around the family home.

I always sell desexed kittens and entire kittens will only be sold to registered breeders if wanting to breed and pet kittens will be de-sexed without exception and come with their registered pedigree papers, they will also have had their vet checks, micro chipped, and 1st vaccination, be toilet trained, wormed to date and flea treated.


I  DNA Test for PKD (Polycystic kidney disease) and HCM ( Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and this is clear by parentage.


I keep you updated with photos and lots of milestones along the way, family’s love being involved watching their kittens journey from birth till home time (with the exception of kittens needing extra care example needing to hand raise a kitten, my cats and kittens take priority over photos.) Kittens will be allocated around the six weeks of age and at times I may want to keep a kitten for my breeding program then another kitten will be allocated.


Kittens leave with a comprehensive folder including pedigree papers, HCM and PKD DNA reports, micro-chipping form and vaccination certificates, sterilizing certificate and family's are fully informed with everything they will need to know well in advance before leaving for home.


I am only a phone call away for any ongoing support before or after your kittens leaves for home.