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These are the sires of our lovable ragdoll kittens. Our boys are given the very best of care and brought up on a diet of Royal Canin and fresh meats daily, both the highest of quality to ensure our boys are always at their optimal health.

I would like to thank Julie and Joe from Adorable Ragdolls for entrusting us with Adorable Heaven Scent from their magnificent 

Koc-pol cat Gabriele.

Heaven took out Best Entire Kitten nationally against all breeds with ANCATS 2014.

AdorableHeaven Scent

Blue Bi-colour

 Heaven wonderful boy who loves coming in of night to curl up on hubby’s knee and is fine with the girls being around, so for an entire male to do that is very special.

Sire: PL*KOC-POL Cat Gabriele (Blue Bi-Colour)

Dam: Amberglade Kieesha Dream (Seal Point)

Raggysandme Avalon

Blue Bi-colour

Such a loving, quiet, gentle boy just the temperament 

to pass on to his kittens.

Sire: Adorable Heaven Scent (Blue Bicolour)

Dam: Adorable Nordic Priness (Seal Point)

Radant Veni Vidi Vici

Seal Bicolour

Vinnie is a stunning boy and what

wonderful eye colour.

Sire: James Morrison Azrag Bey (Seal bicolour)

Dam: Radiant Dip Me In Chocolate (Chocolate Bicolour)

Monty Python

Blue Bi-colour

This lovely boy is passing this wonderful eye colour

to all of his kittens.

Sire: Cherishme Storm Ryder (Blue Bi-colour)

Dam: Amberglade Denim N Lace (Blue Bi-colour)

This 10 week old kitten is from 

Montys first litter for me.

Irresistable Shiran

Chocolate Mitted

Shiran has been with me from the beginning of my breeding journey and is just a big cuddly teddy bear. He never stops with the love paws.

Sire: Mystical Charming Charlie (Blue mitted)

Dam: Macujo Chocolate Puddin (Chocolate tortie Point)

Adorable Nordic Star

Blue Point
Star is the voice of the boys, he is very vocal all the time and must think he is 
a dog because he howls like one, we love him to bits.

Sire: Mewsings Star of Wonder (Blue Point)

Dam: Adorable Ieshia (Blue Point)