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       Newcastle, Central Coast, Sydney, NSW, Australia
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These are the sires of our lovable ragdoll kittens. Our boys are given the very best of care and brought up on a diet of Royal Canin and fresh meats daily, both the highest of quality to ensure our boys are always at their optimal health.

Raggysandme Avalon

Blue Bi-colour

Sire: Adorable Heaven Scent (Blue Bicolour)

Dam: Adorable Nordic Priness (Seal Point)

Adorable Heaven Scent

Blue bicolour

Sire: PL*KOC-POL Cat Gabriele (Blue Bi-Colour)

Dam: Amberglade Kieesha Dream (Seal Point)

Radant Veni Vidi Vici

Seal Bicolour

Sire: James Morrison Azrag Bey (Seal bicolour)

Dam: Radiant Dip Me In Chocolate (Chocolate Bicolour)

Monty Python

Blue Bi-colour

Sire: Cherishme Storm Ryder (Blue Bi-colour)

Dam: Amberglade Denim N Lace (Blue Bi-colour)


This 10 week old kitten is from 

Monty's first litter for me great things to come.

Irresistable Shiran

Chocolate Mitted

Sire: Mystical Charming Charlie (Blue mitted)

Dam: Macujo Chocolate Puddin (Chocolate tortie Point)

Adorable Nordic Star
Blue Point

Sire: Mewsings Star of Wonder (Blue Point)

Dam: Adorable Ieshia (Blue Point)