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These are the mothers of our beautiful ragdoll kittens, they have been given the very best of care. All our cats and kittens are fed Royal Canin and fresh meat daily to ensure the kittens born from these wonderful mothers receive the very best start in life...

I would like to thank Julie and Joe from Adorable Ragdolls for entrusting me with some of their beautiful ragdolls including Adorable Whispers below the daughter of their magnificent koc pol cat Nardia.

Adorable Whispers

Blue Mitted

Whisper has a magnificent coat and is 

passing this down to her kittens.

Sire: Mewsings Star Of Wonder (Blue Point)

Dam: PL*KOC-POL Cat Nardia (Blue Bicolour)

Raggysandme Isabella Rose

Seal Bi-colour

She is the sweetest little girl & 

always chilled out.

Sire: Adorable Heaven Scent (Blue Bicolour)

Dam: Adorable Nordic Princess (Seal Point)

Raggysandme Amara Rose

Blue Mitted

Amara is Whispers daughter, 

Nardia's grandaughter.

Sire: Irresistable Shiran (Chocolate Mitted)
Dam: Adorable Whispers (Blue Mitted)

Adorable Jamilla Rose

Seal Mitted

Jamilla is a very confident mum and 

adores haveing her kittens.

Sire: Willowtreerags Mick Swagger (Seal Bi-colour)

Dam: Aaron's. Princess Panda (Seal Bi-colour)

Raggysandme Sophie Rose

Blue Bi-colour

She is such a stunning young lady 

& a wonderful mum..

Sire: Adorable Heaven Scent (Blue Bicolour)

Dam: Adorable Whispers (Blue Mitted)

Adorable Nordic Princess

Seal Point

Naughty girl as she is known does not have 

Princess in her name for nothing.

Sire: Prins Caspian Of The Living Dolls (Lilac Point)

Dam: Aaron's Princess Panda (Seal Bicolour)

Raggysandme Butterfly Rose

Blue Bi-colour

Just Sweet Sweet Sweet but hates 

getting her photo taken

Sire: Adorable Heaven Scent (Blue Bi-colour)

Dam: Raggysandme China Rose (Lilac Point)

Raggysandme China Rose

Lilac point

China Rose is Blue Bell daughter and has 

tiny voice like her mum

Sire: Irrsistable Shiran (Chocolate Mitted)

Dam: Raggysandme Blue Bell Rose (Blue Point)

Adorable Crystal Rose

Lilac Point

Crystal is always very regal though 

she still has her kitten ways.

Sire: Prins Caspian Of The Living Dolls (Lilac Point)

Dam: Adorable Ayarna (Chocolate Point)

Raggysandme Alina Rose

Blue Bi-colour

She only has eyes for my hubby 

she is his girl.

Sire: Adorable Nordic Star (Blue Point)

Dam: Raggysandme Isabella Rose (Seal Bicolour)