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Hi Donna Maree,

I have attached a few photos of our little man, they are not the best as they were takin on my mobile phone. He seems to be growing sooo quickly!!!

Thank you so much for this beautiful kitten he is just adorable.

Regards Mel



Hi Donna Maree

I've attached some photos of the divine Slinky.  She is an absolute adorable addition to our family and I don't know what we did before we had her!  She has got the most amazing personality; adorable and cuddly plus playful and boisterous!  Our four kids adore her and she gets spoilt rotten!  She sleeps on our bed and I wake most mornings to find her chewing my hair!  She's an absolute delight and has gone to a wonderful home! 

Enjoy the photos!

Kind regards, Joanne Wild



Hi Donna,

I just wanted to say thank you very much for selling us Haya. She is now approximately six months old and has firmly become a member of our family. Haya has an amazing personality. We sometimes call her the third sister as she is always involving herself in what my girls are doing, like playing

backgammon, studying or being on the internet.  Haya is extremely affectionate yet very independent as she decides which bed she will sleep on at night. In the mornings she demands to be patted, so much so, that she seeks out your hands and pushes her little head under them to prompt you to pat her. This is often accompanied by little meows as if to express her contentment. 

She is absolutely beautiful with her perfect markings and soft fur. Haya generates a lot of positive comments and attention from visitors.


I looked at many possible kitten purchases on line before deciding on Haya and I can honestly say that even though there were many kittens available, I would make the same choice again, without hesitation. I also thank you for your offer of post-purchase support as this gives me confidence that I can rely on you for extra knowledge and expertise if needed.

Kind regards,


Hi Donna Maree

I am so pleased with the 2 new additions to my family Ella and Shelby.  Both of them follow me everywhere. They are adorable and super cuddly they always play together and get on so well.
They take turns in getting on my lap and cuddling up, but if one is on my lap the other is usually sitting beside me. They both have their own amazing personalities. She is a gorgeous little girl who is always after my attention and she has such a lovely coat while Shelby is a BIG Sooky lad with handsome markings who is quite content to sleep the day away on my lap.  They give me so much joy and keep me company all the time. Would just like to take the time to thank you for all your advice you have given me and to let you know you raise such beautiful cats.




Sally Rose is now "Elli", and she is just beautiful. She is a very playful and affectionate kitten. She sleeps on the end of our bed every night. She checks on our boys after they have gone to sleep, laying on each of their beds for a little while, before moving on to our bed.

Elli goes to the front door when she hears one of our cars pull into the driveway, and waits for a rub when we enter. We couldn't have wished for a more placid, and loving kitten.

Thanks from

The Dollin family.



Dear Donna Maree,
Thank you to you and your family for allowing me and my family to have one of your beautiful kittens, Ruby is a dream to have she brings laughter to the family with her funny personality, she walks around the house and calls out to us if she can't see or hear us, she has so much character, Ruby gets along very well with our dog and other cat who is also a Ragdoll, she like to snuggle up on the bed with me at night and occasionally likes to get under my covers when she is really cold, this does not bother me as she is very clean and never been outdoors, Ruby has the run of the house with my other ragdoll chasing one another through house. I also love the way she flops when she sits or lays down.


My kids laugh at me because I treat my cats like my kids I spend a lot of time talking to the cats like they are human. Ruby has been a pleasure to have and I wouldn't own another breed of cat. 

Well done Donna Maree keep up the fabulous work.
Kylie and family

Hi Donna

Thank you again for our two lovely ragdoll kittens. We couldn't help but notice when we got them how well adjusted they were, they were purring and sitting on our bed straight away, we love them to bits. They are both so affectionate, we always thought males were more than females, but they both are, and they have settled in so well.

Thanks for your help with sending pics while we were waiting to be able to have them....your kittens are a credit to you!!!

Kindest Regards               

Kay and David



Hi Donna,
Well it is just a week tomorrow since we brought home our little boy, Sebastian.

Oh what a joy!

His frivolity and antics are only surpassed by his curiosity and affection, that he gladly displays to both of us; which at this present time is fantastic for Wayne as he is a great distraction from personal health issues.

Our five granddaughters adore him, and he to in return, but in slight moderation to the two youngest; choosing to leave their presence by scarpering under the lounge when they become too over bearing, only to reappear in his own time and leisure.

We thank both you and your beautiful daughter, for your all your assistance in choosing Sebastian, and your ongoing advice and help is greatly appreciated.
It puts us at ease as first time cat owners to know you are only a phone call away if we require advice.
We are looking forwarded to the arrival of the new litter and getting a companion for Sabby.

Mary & Wayne



Hi Donna Maree,
HI, Just wanted to send you a few cute pics of Samson...
Hes doing well and now part of our family.
Hes met everyone whos important to us and thats all that matters,,
Hes soo gorgeuos, we cant get enough of him.
Hes had his little needle an a check up and the receptionists and patients were really like "OOOOHHHH isnt he cute etc"
and was grabbed out of his carrier for a show off...  Yes I know,,, I was like, GIVE ME BACK MY BOY!!!!
But, whos complaining....
Also, just wanted to know if you have sent our ownership papers so the micro chip is our our names..
Apart from that..... The Vet has Also indicated to us that you were one of the best breeders because of the details you have provided and the products you have
recommended in the paper work.
The vet indicated to recommend you as a breeder of choice.
Thank you again soooooooooooooooooo much and we will be sending you more photos,,,
He is already getting to know his name and eating well..
Very, Very, thankful,
Fiannnah & Steve  xxx

Hi Donna Maree,
I just wanted to fill you in on how our little Samson is going.
He is just such a perfect, gorgeous, hilarious and wonderful kitten who has made our lives so much fun. He makes us laugh so hard, he’s a crack up. Everyone who has met him just loves him... (Even the cat haters!!!)
Yeah, I know, he is a marvel!!! We are so so so happy and I want to just tell you that I have never been so happy and Steve actually kisses him!!!!  It’s just fantastic!
Thank you....Thank you..... Thank you... He is everything and more!



Hi Donna,
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you with xmas and babysitting. Sam is an absolute delight; it was if he was picked out just for me. He rules the house already. My husband that hates cats loves him to death. I love my time every night sitting watching tv and giving him a brush. He loves me to hold him like a baby and he can sleep in my arms for up to an hour like that. His facial features are going to be beautiful he looks like a regal lion with his fur sticking out around his cute face. Everyone wants to know where I got him from so expect some more orders. I can’t thank you enough and the 6 months waiting for him was well worth it.
Thanks again