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The Ragdoll                                 


Ragdolls have very special characteristics, sweet temperament, large size, magnificent blue eyes and silky rabbit like fur. 

Compared to other breeds they loose less fur as they only have a top coat, with more being in the change from winter to summer as this is the main molting time. Ragdolls coats are slow maturing and will develop full coat and colour around 3 years. 

They have a stunningly beautiful appearance and are exceptionally trusting with a loving disposition.

The four main killers of Ragdolls.





Adults cats or kittens run a huge risk of being stolen as well.

It is a must is to keep your kitten/cat indoors at all times.

Completely happy and content in the presence of their owners Ragdolls will go out of their way to be on your lap or sitting next to you proudly with the purrrr machine on and the love paws happening. Generally they just love to be with you and will most certainly charm their way into your heart.